What We Stand For


Today’s society has marred the sanctity of human life ethic by determining a man-made set of ideals by which to live. Our culture teaches that our worth or value is found in social status, attractiveness or productivity.  The Center exists to enforce the value placed on human life by our Creator, from conception to natural death. We desire to reclaim the fact that our individual worth is firmly established on the basis of the nature of God, who has left His impression on us.


The Center is a sanctity of human life ministry that impacts and transforms people with the love of Christ.


We achieve this by:

  • Actively representing and presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Offering help to anyone who has been or may be adversely impacted by a challenging pregnancy.
  • Providing positive alternative choices to abortion with the specific goal of preserving the lives of the unborn.
  • Actively heightening awareness of the sacredness of human life through our prevention, intervention, restoration and education outreaches.
  • Encouraging, equipping and partnering with the local body of Christ to promote sexual integrity, the value of human life and restoration of the family unit.
  • Purposing to be culturally relevant, cross-generational and ethnically diverse in our programs and services.
  • Partnering with churches and other service organizations to positively influence the spiritual and moral behavior of our community