Prayer Team 


Prayer is our resource for future planning and daily decision making.  We have intercessors who seek His “agenda”- His good plans for our ministry. This team of volunteers intercedes for critical cases, our ministry, volunteers and our country. Prayer Partners are enlisted to pray when we send emails about clients who are undecided or in challenging pregnancies.

Join Our Real Time Prayer Team 


Mothers in crisis – hurt, worried, confused – come through our door every day. Most carrying an unborn child whose fate is uncertain. The Center consultants and nursing team members offer each mother supportive and loving assurance along with a full set of options and a chance to see the life she is carrying. Many of these mothers, with God’s powerful touch, leave comforted, strengthened, and with a changed heart, determined to nurture the life within.


We are asking you to offer up intercessory prayer as The Center team ministers to each mother in crisis by “standing in the gap” (Eze 22:30)…through joining our Real Time Prayer team. Team members receive 3-5 texts weekly, each requesting a few moments of fervent prayer for a mother making the most important and stressful decision of her life. To become a member of this effective and rewarding ministry, text the message “CenterPrayer” to (940) 322-4883 and you will receive a link to subscribe!